Lighthouse Beam New York 2019

Lighthouse Beam New York (USA) 2019

We set up nine colored balloons in a row. Three of them are in four colors, the remaining once have partially grey segments. Each balloon has a diameter of 10 feet and is securely fixed to the ground. The fixation will be realized by ground anchors to deliver the necessary counterweight.

The balloons standing in a row represent a light beam from the lighthouse. The light beam directs southwards and so announces the FlyingFreedoms project planned for fall 2020 at the south end of Roosevelt Island.

The four colors represent the four freedoms declared by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. Grey represents missing freedom. The objective is to create an experience - simple and surprising, for old and young - by harnessing the dynamics of nature - wind, weather, light - in order to create new perspectives.
As a public art project, the installation was accessible to everyone.